Special Offers in Essex & London

These offers change on a regular basis so please keep checking.

  • Dermaplaning London
    Derma planing skin exfoliation treatment
    Introductory offer from £80
    Remove surface dead skin cells and vellous 'peach fuzz' hair on the face with this popular treatment
  • Vjuve Blog (3)
    Vaginal rejuvenation
    3rd treatment free (Save £500)
    The latest CO2 laser technology that is linically proven to improve femanine issues such as vaginal laxity and dryness following childbirth or menopause
  • Co2 Laser SKin Resurfacing (1)
    C02 laser skin resurfacing
    20% discount now only £400
    Try our fractal laser skin resurfacing. Results visible in just one treatment
  • PRP 'Dracula' facial
    10% Discount £349
    The perfect skin rejuvenation treatment to give you that airbrushed glow to your skin. Also helps improve skin concerns such as acne scarring
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