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What is Excessive Sweating and how can it be treated?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. Sweating is one of the most important ways in which the body loses heat, however, people with hyperhidrosis produce sweat in amounts far greater than needed to control their temperature. It is thought that about 0.5% of the population (or about one person in 200) has some form of hyperhidrosis.

Effects start within the first week after treatment and last for an average of seven months before further injections are required. Side effects are minimal.

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I've been looking to deal with my tired-looking eyes but not sure where. Glad I chose this place on a whim. From the beginning, Kay was very kind and honest on what treatment would work best for me. I chose to opt for tear trough and throughout it all, Kay had been very supportive and catering to my needs. I highly recommend this place if you're knowledgeable and caring, especially, like me, you're completely clueless on what aesthetics would work best for you.
23:41 11 May 22
I had my procedures done with Magda and the level of patient care I received from her has been amazing. She’s very patient and listens to the client’s expectations and desires and gives you the right advice ❤️
Ni M
Ni M
21:04 30 Apr 22
Absolutely fantastic clinic with wonderful, attentive and thorough staff. Seamless process from consultation through to treatment! 100% would recommend. Can’t wait to see further results.
Liberty Lee
Liberty Lee
18:15 29 Apr 22
Kay is simply the best, so professional and makes you feel at ease. It is such a beautiful clinic, clean, modern and welcoming.
Jane Moore
Jane Moore
19:25 19 Apr 22
If I could give 6 stars, I would. I had lip filler with Kay and she made it such a comfortable experience, any worries or concerns were automatically put to rest in her presence! Very professional, informative, and lovely. Incredibly pleased with the results.
17:55 05 Apr 22
Amazing treatment I had the morphue8 with Dr Chandni she was amazing very kind extremely professional and my treatment has turned out perfect I would highly recommend this place and the doctor whom treated me Im back in 6 weeks and I can’t wait !!!
Tracy Kerr
Tracy Kerr
09:21 08 Mar 22
I had botox for under arm sweating with Magda, she could not have been more helpful or done more to make the experience as good as possible.I was immediately given a warm welcome and made to feel comfortable while visiting. She was very knowledgeable and went through the whole process with me so that I was fully aware of what she was doing and why. I will be back to visit again for sure.9 months later I had my second botox treatment with Dr Chandni and I must say that it was very quick and painless. She was also very experienced and made the whole process enjoyable.
Stephen McClean
Stephen McClean
21:45 07 Mar 22
Absolutely delighted with the service I received at Regents Park Aesthetics. I was treated by Dr Chandni, who was wonderful. She spent her time carefully going through the options with me, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. The level of care has been the best I’ve ever received. Big thank you to Dr Chandni and the team!
12:20 10 Feb 22
I visited the clinic 10 days ago and was completely satisfied with the service. I did lips and botox with Dr. Chandni , I want to say that I was afraid and thought it was quite a painful procedure, but the doctor has magical hands, everything was fast and just excellent. What is really important is that the doctor gave me a personal number, and for the whop week, followed the recovery process. I am 100% satisfied with the service. Thank you very much
Nataliia Datsyshyn
Nataliia Datsyshyn
08:17 19 Jan 22
I had treatments with Dr Rajani who was very knowledgeable, discussed the risk and benefits of treatments and gave fantastic after care. I felt in safe hands the whole time!
Lucie Bond
Lucie Bond
13:06 18 Jan 22

Excessive Sweating Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30 Minutes

Results Show
14 Days

Results Last
6-9 Months

Back To Work

Local Cream

Possible Side effects
Bruising / Swelling / Discomfort

Frequently Asked Excessive Sweating Questions

Botox is administered in the armpits to eliminate or significantly reduce sweating.

Initially, simple self-help measures may be useful:
  • Cool clothing
  • Avoiding certain foods which may trigger sweating
  • Reducing stress, tension or anxiety
  • Increased attention to personal hygiene


Aluminium chloride is the active ingredient of some roll-on or aerosol antiperspirants. It is used in stronger solutions to treat hyperhidrosis. The effects last only for 48 hours.
Iontophoresis is the passage of a weak electric current through a water bath. The area affected by sweating is immersed in the water and electrically charged particles clock the activity of sweat glands. When effective, this lasts for three-four days but can become longer with repeated use.
There is a variety of drug treatment available. Some of these affect the body’s entire nervous system and side-effects such as a dry mouth, drowsiness and constipation can be troublesome. Where sweating is made worse by stress or anxiety, other drugs (beta blockers) may be used with less troublesome side effects.
Injections into the skin has been shown to be a very effective treatment for axillary (armpit) hyperhidrosis. Effects start within the first week after treatment and last for an average of seven months before further injections are required. Side effects are minimal.
  • Slight discomfort when the treatment is injected.
  • Small amount of temporary bleeding or mild swelling at the injection site.

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