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What is Fat Freezing?

Cryolipolysis is the most popular non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses a handheld device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. The fat-freezing treatment involves the controlled and safe cooling of fat cells, which causes them to die, but does damage the skin surface or surrounding tissue. non-surgical fat-reduction treatment.

Once the cells have been destroyed, the body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes them over the coming weeks and months, thus reducing fat. Only a single treatment is needed for each targeted area.

The most common fat-freezing treatment areas are focused on the back and the stomach, but we are also able to treat the arms and thighs, as well as love handle and double chins.

Only one treatment is required. As the body’s metabolism is very gradual, the best results are seen between one to three months after your treatment, and your system will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months

We use the award-winning 3D Lipo ultimate technology. This uses similar technique to the popular coolsculping system but the 3D lipomed has powerful multi-functional technology that offers up to 4 skin-tightening and fat-reduction technologies in one.

Add in 3 sessions of weekly shockwave therapy to your Fat-Freezing treatment for only £99. Shockwave encourages lymphatic drainage and speeds up the fat loss process.

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Fat Freezing Prices North London

Treatment can be done on buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen.

    Price per small/ Medium area
    2 Fat-freezing cups for larger areas (i.e. both love handles)
    Reduce the size & appearance of your double chin
    Speed up the results of the Fat-Freezing with 3 sessions of weekly treatments

We offer bespoke packages utilising up to 4 technologies from those listed below. Contact us for a free consultation. Prices from £600

  • Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
  • Skin Tightening Radio Frequency
  • Skin Tightening HIFU
  • Cellulite Reduction (Cavitation/ shockwave therapy)

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Fat Freezing Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30-90 Minutes

Results Show
2-4 months

Results Last
Up to 12 months

Back To Work

None required

Possible Side effects
Redness/ Bruising/ Discomfort

Areas We Serve for Fat Freezing

We’re based near Regents Park, serving clients from Camden, Islington, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea and surrounding areas.