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Radiofrequency is one of the best known treatments for skin tightening. It works by heating up the collagen and elastin fibres of the skin to tighten deeper layers of the dermis and SMAS layers. This causes contraction of the muscle causing a tightening effects.

Not all Radiofrequency devices are the same as they differ according to the strength and depth of Radiofrequency and therefore the result you achieve. At Regents Park Aesthetics we have three different top of the range Radiofrequency devices that target different levels of skin laxity and are suitable for different budgets. Read below to help you decide which radiofrequency treatment is best for you.

1. Forma RF

Forma radiofrequency was developed by the same manufacturers who developed the famous Morpheus8. It is ideal for those with the first signs of skin laxity who wish to start a preventative treatment or to target mild skin laxity on the neck, face or eyes.

The benefit of Forma RF compared to other radiofrequency devices is that we can guarantee that the optimum temperature for skin tightening of 43°c is always maintained throughout every treatment and in all treated areas due to the inbuilt sensors and digital display that continually informs the practitioner that the radiofrequency handpiece is working at the optimum level. This ensures you always get the maximum results from every treatment.

You can have Forma RF as a standalone treatment for a special event but for optimum results we recommend a weekly course of 6 treatments followed by a maintenance treatment every 8 weeks.

We also have special packages with our popular facials to not only tighten you skin but to also deep cleanse, address multiple skin concerns and get it glowing.

Read more about Forma RF including prices here

2. Morpheus8

Celebrity favourite Morpheus8 is ideal for moderate skin laxity and is popular with our patients aged 40 years and over. It offers a fractional radiofrequency treatment combined with microneeding which delivers the radiofrequency heat energy up to 4mm down into the dermis of the skin.

It can be used on both the face and the body. Patients can expect up to a 30% improvement in skin laxity with a course of 3 treatments done 1 month apart. Results last up to 12-18 months.

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3. Profound RF

Profound RF is one of the most advanced radiofreqency devices on the market and is considered the best skin tightening option before you consider surgery. Profound RF is FDA approved and used at prestigious clinics throughout the world.

Profound RF is used mainly for the lower face and jawline but can also be used for the body, including cellulite.

The powerful , patented radiofrequency technology in Profound RF uses individual probes, each with their own thermostatic heat sensor to ensure optimum treatment to the deep dermis. No other radiofreqency device delivers the same level of radiofreqency and the same tightening.

Only one treatment of Profound RF is required and results last 5-10 years.

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Comparison of Radiofrequency Devices we offer

Device Indication Frequency of treatment Pain levelCostDuration of resultsDowntime
Forma RFMild skin laxity
Face, neck, chest
Weekly for 6 weeks then 6-8 weekly maintenanceNil.
Mild heat sensation
£200 per treatment or £1100 course of 6Up to 12 months if maintenance proramme followed Nil
Morpheus 8Mild- Moderate skin laxity
Face, neck, chest, body
Monthly treatment for 3 months then 12-18 month repeatMild-moderate

Local anaesthetic cream

From £450 depending on area treatedUp to 12-18 months5-7 days
Skin roughness
Profound RF Moderate-Severe skin laxity & Cellulite

Lower face, jawline, neck and body

Once only Mild-moderate.

Local anaesthetic injection

£25005 years Bruising, swelling and redness for upto 7 days
  • Small Area Of Acne Scarring
    Taking up to 20 minutes to remove
  • Acne Scarring
    Taking 20-40 minutes
  • Acne scarring
    Taking 40-60 minutes

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I have been to many clinics and there is none that is as good as Regent’s Park aesthetic's. I trust kay implicitly with my face and she offers great council when considering treatments and pushes back on anything that will make you look unnatural and will not do anything you request to make a profit. I will never go to another clinic again they are the best in London.
S Rapley
S Rapley
20:00 13 May 24
I recently had the PRF and microneedling treatment, and I must say, the results have left me beaming. From start to finish, the process was not only comfortable but also surprisingly pain-free, thanks to the expertise of Magda.Magda, guided me through each step with care and precision. Despite my fear of needles, she made the entire experience a breeze. From drawing my blood to administering the injections, she ensured my comfort at every moment, without any fuss or discomfort.Fast forward seven days, and the results speak for themselves. My face is positively radiant, emitting a healthy glow that has garnered compliments from everyone around me. Not only do I look rejuvenated, but I also feel a newfound sense of confidence that is truly empowering.I cannot thank Magda enough for her exceptional work and dedication to her craft. Her expertise, coupled with her genuine concern for her clients' well-being, sets her apart in the field of skincare. Without a doubt, I will be returning for future treatments, knowing that I am in the best hands possible.
08:49 15 Apr 24
I have done several treatments with Hansa.The most recent one was PLP. I have seen great results. Hansa is a super top professional.
Guido Abadi
Guido Abadi
14:29 07 Apr 24
Magda is so accommodating, friendly & sweet. She always provides me with reassurance. I’ve been coming here for almost two years & I’m so happy with my results every time! It’s literally been life changing for me. She is truly the best of the best!
Kerry McNally
Kerry McNally
12:41 09 Mar 24
I've been going to RPA for 4 years. They're a wonderful team with highly skilled practitioners who put your safety first and really take care of you. I want to give a shout out to Magda for being such a personable, lovely person who takes a lot of pride and care in the treatments she carries out.
15:25 08 Mar 24
I've been going to Regents Park Aesthetics for some time now and the staff are very professional and friendly. I am always happy with the treatments I receive and love the results. There are many treatments to choose from. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to look super FABULOUS to come here and get 5 star treatment.
debbie chappell
debbie chappell
20:48 04 Mar 24
Kay was amazing as always. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Made me feel totally at ease, even with my fear of needles. The treatment worked wonderfully, I am over the moon with the results. I would not go anywhere else.
14:12 04 Mar 24
I have been attending this clinic for 2 years with the absolute Angel that is Kay. Having been to other clinics previously nothing compares to her beautiful and compassionate work.The place itself is stunning, where I feel at ease with the smaller tweaks! Thank you always for making me shine, understanding and always making me feel so happy and confident with such a natural look who h I desire.Highly reccomend :) Thank you again
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
13:39 04 Mar 24
I have been going to Regents Park aesthetic for a few years now and I’ve only had the best experiences! You feel in safe and hands and you can expect natural but great results.
Sara Johansen
Sara Johansen
08:51 27 Feb 24
Amazing clinic. Feel at ease and reassured here. I’ve had a few treatments here now and will be definitely coming back for more!Thank you 😊
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie
12:37 26 Feb 24